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    Qiaopai's culture
    Qiaopai's mission
    Qiaopai always strives for long term existence and development. Meanwhile meet and create customer's need. Strive for profit and meanwhile render back the society, render back the shareholders and reward to staff.
    Qiaopai's spirit   
    a.Qiaopai dedicates itself to promoting China national hi-tech products to devote to the country.
    b.to have the products that the others do not have. Or our products are always superior to others similar products. We have no choice but to lead the trend in the seeds precleaning, dehulling, separating, roasting and kernels industry.  
    c.teamwork spirit is always the fundamental comprising of teamwork, cooperation and courtesy.
    d. our top needs are trust, respect and achievement   
    e. since we perform different job individually, then I am here to play my role  and evaluate my value all the time.
    f. Qiaopai company is us and we are Qiaopai company.  
    g.Keep on striving and keep on creating, and Qiaopai will always keep on popular.
    Qiaopai's values
    a.we provide to our customer what we created for their further re-creation. And we are always here to provide valuable products for our customers.
    b.the standard that we evaluated the value of each individual staff, is not how much he ask for from the society and company but how much he had created, and see him how much had contributed, the company, focusing his contribution, will decide how to reward to the contributor accordingly.
    c. personal wealth through proper ways, that is to say go for a higher personal value depends on the value created, and strive for higher income on this basis.  
    d. Innovation is primary productive force, wealth is coming from hard work.
    Qiaopai's image positioning
    I.Public image: sincerity, law-abiding, good faith, powerful, responsibility and creation of value. 
    II.Industry public image: intellect-intensive, profession blending, striving for innovation and striving for leading position.
    III.Cognitive image of shareholders: intense but orderly, efficiency, increase income and economize on expenditure, and striving for profit.
    IV.Image of staff: reliable, just, fair and open.
    Qiaopai's basic principles
    I.Qiaopai's principle of cultural accumulation: persistence, blending, innovation,orderly,professional,precise
    II.Property right principle: clearly defined
    III.Responsibility and right principle: balance of rights and obligations, specify the rights and obligations clearly
    IV.Principle of the way we treat other people: respect personality, respect knowledge, treat others as equals, treat others fair and square, put yourself into others' shoes and perform elegantly  
    V.Decision-making principle: improve the governance structure and group decision-making.
    VI.Evaluation principle
    a. performance evaluation principle: let group of people who are well acknowledged of standards to evaluate individual staff.
    b. error-correction validity principle: take the necessary measurements, implement influence,  effective communication in order to recognize and rectify right away.
    c. performance evaluation oriented is the primary principle: how many management and technical problems solved as the token of the performance evaluated
    VII.Allocation principle: distribution according to his work, distribution according to his investment and distribution achievements gained from his knowledge utilization
    VIII.Management principle: work out the plan, establish the workflow system, establish rules and regulations, system of performance, digitalized performance of activities so that the works can be under the effective control.
    IX.Innovation principle: innovation always encouraged, and meanwhile it allows failure, well encouraged on concept innovation and standards refreshed.
    X.Business principle: product operations, brand operations and together with  the capital operations are carried out at the same time.
    XI.Good faith principle: Do not cater for customers with bribery but the valued products to meet the requirements of customers, but do solve the customers'problem with considerate pre-sales and after-sales service.
    Qiaopai's Quality policy
    Adhere to quality criteria, stick to scientific and technical innovation, provide excellent service, and pursue the customer's satisfaction.